Antique Connection Mall
12815 Central NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123
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(505) 296-2300
on Central Avenue at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, south of I-40.

To see examples of the merchandise we have here.

We buy and sell every day! To contact us, please email to Jane by clicking HERE.


   Welcome to the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As you come through the door, our wonderful front showcases are on your left.... ... and the cashier's desk is on your right. They can help answer any questions about our mall and Albuquerque and assist both visitors and locals. They will open cases for you as well.  Feel free to relax at the table under the arbor.


   Or pull up a chair in the cozy kitchen where there are often homemade cookies or donuts.  Our dealers are always ready to open cases, share information, and give directions....    ... to other antiques malls, Albuquerque's best restaurants, and area interests.


  There is always lots to see, with fresh antiques and collectibles coming in daily.   With over 40 dealers and 10,000 square feet of bright, clean building, there is always a wide variety of items...  ...and plenty of comfy places where you can relax and visit.


 Victorian, vintage rhinestone, bakelite and silver jewelry.  Collectibles.    Something for everyone! 


  Porcelain, glass, sterling and art. Victorian black lace blouse and parasol, jewelry, purses, jewelry caskets and porcelain. Case of Victorian purses, glass and porcelain.


Furniture, 50s dining sets, glassware, bottles... pottery, silver, Mexican, cowboy, western and sports collectibles... and lots more!


We will look forward to seeing you soon!
We buy and sell every day! To contact us, please email to Jane by clicking HERE.


Enjoy a walk through the aisles of the ANTIQUE CONNECTION MALL at 12815 Central NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come on by and see it all, as well as many knowledgeable, friendly dealers. The coffee is always on and we have wide aisles, clean booths and bathrooms, and maps to other malls in the city.

A really colorful collection of 40s and 50s dishes like Bauer, Luray, Fiesta, and more. What a fun way to brighten your kitchen! And the prices are super reasonable.

These photos are just examples of things that have been in our mall.

Globe Wernicke oak lawyer's bookcase/secretary with a drop-down desk, this  is the best of it's kind. In excellent condition and hard to find these days, you can buy it at the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, come on in!

SIGNS- advertising signs for oil, gasoline, Coca-Cola and more, as well as a 1980s Huffy Coke bike. Dealers bring in more every week, so don't miss it if these are your bag! You can buy it at the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, come on in!


Mounts, taxidermy and other man-tiques including a Johnson & Johnson sign, and lots more interesting things.

There is nothing like setting the table with shimmering glass, dishes and silver ware... silver plate, lovely dishes and cranberry glass, as shown here. We also have lots of colorful Victorian and Fenton glass, dishes both high and low end, and brilliant sterling.

This is a charming hand made child's kitchen cabinet with drawers and doors, any little girl's delight.

Artist Jim Warner of Taos, New Mexico, hand painted cupboard, signed by the artist on one side.


Cast iron pots, pans and lids... what could be more useful? Cornbread cooked in cast iron cannot be beat, and these are pieces in good condition, ready to use for years and years. Dutch ovens, skillets, lids and pots, they are all here at the Antique Connection Mall, 12815 Central NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

CAMEOS plus info about cameos c
be seen at the Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry web site, and at the mall too. See it by clicking HERE.

Shabby Chic booth with white accented by all the soft pastels and floral fabrics and framed pictures. This dealer has a great eye for this style, and her ever-changing booth is a lovely place to visit, so cozy you could move right in.

Man-tiques, beer collectibles, Coke collectibles, bar goods, lunch boxes, motorcycle toys, signs and more! Just ask for Mike's space at the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico when you come by!


Decoys, duck calls and vintage sporting goods. Two of the decoys are by Phil Nelson and Paul Arness. Come in and ask for Jim's space! He's an expert in hunting, fishing and decoy collectibles.

VICTORIAN sterling hinged buckle bangles from the 1880s. The buckle was the symbol of strength and loyalty in the Victorian era, and these were very popular during that time. Some have Aesthetic motifs, and some are decorated with etched or applied geometrics, flowers or words, such as "Souvenir" for instance.

Antique hand loomed coverlets, every one signed and dated from the 1800's.  Fabulous as wall art, as well as to cover your bed, these are treasures from bygone days, something to pass down in the family for years to come.


Interesting old German typewriter.




Pyrex, Corningware, Homer Laughlin a, Fiesta and other useful vintage kitchen ware in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Taxidermy white tail deer fawn from a museum in Kansas.

Large decorative bird cage and 1950s collectibles.

Collection of colorful wall mounted chalkware string holders in both fruits and figurals.


A wonderful collection of Roseville and Hull pottery in all the wonderful greens, browns and pastels. These are both useful and collectible, and with the reasonable prices this dealer is asking, they will not last for long.



BAKELITE jewelry is so much fun and so whimsical, and the reverse carved and painted pieces are among the most rare and collectible. We have a nice selection to say the least... a 10' by 12' space FULL of bakelite jewelry of all kinds! Our bakelite jewelry has been featured in the books about bakelite, such as Karima Parry's books on the subject. It is so much fun to see these in person, not to mention wearing them. They are at the ANTIQUE CONNECTION MALL.

Western and cowboy themed dishes and cowboy trinkets, all great fun! Wallace China Westward Ho pieces, western collectibles and more.



Sock and stocking dolls aside rag dolls, and loving group of vintage friends.




Colorful ethnic art, masks and clothing.

Colorful toy cars.

1899 Singer sewing machine.

North Plains Indian shirt and leggings with horse hair trim and black glass Pony bead accents.


Rare antique Globe Wernicke Mission bookcase with the all original finish, leaded glass, handles and labels, 1910-15. Finding these in this condition is very difficult, so this is a rare treat and useable as well.

Antique jewelry caskets.

Bauer and McCoy, LuRay and more... a feast for the eyes and fun for the table! If you enjoy colors, this is the place for you. You can buy it at the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, come on in!

Moses ruby red glassware collection.


Hand painted signs from the past decorate our soda fountain themed kitchen.

Great colors in Luray and other 50's brands, Pyrex and cast iron. Vintage kitchen ware is so much fun, and we have it! Come on by the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico for this and more.

"I'm Buster Brown, and I'm in your shoe.
This is my dog Tide, and he's in there too!"
Back to the 1950s, when a trip to the shoe store was a real treat! Remember how you could x-ray your foot at the shoe store back then, too?

Vintage drug store boxes and bottles and for sale in Sandra's space..



Vintage milk bottles.

Railroad and fireman's lanterns.

Duck calls bought and sold.

  Collection of colorful wall mounted chalkware string holders in both fruits and figurals.


VICTORIAN agate and sterling bracelets. The top two have buckle clasps, and the bottom two have heart padlocks. No wonder they are so popular! The striations and colors of the agates make each one special.

Stuffed animals and dolls

Stuffed animals and dolls, and even a few fish!

Vintage bakelite poker chips and holders, circa 1930-40. If you love the mellow colors of real vintage bakelite, these are for you. We also have bakelite bangles, brooches and necklaces, bakelite handled kitchen tools and now and again, a bakelite radio. stop by the ANTIQUE CONNECTION MALL. 


Fiesta ware in all it radiant colors.

Colorful dishes, salt & pepper sets, and more.

Vintage painted drinking glasses.

Stuffed animals and doll house furniture.


Stuffed animals.

Rag dolls sitting in their own high chair.

Cookie jars

Dog figurines collection



Wooden painted barber's pole 1870-1910.

 Sheet music and other ephemera, all fun to see as a representation f the eras from which they came. we also have vintage photos and posters to adorn your walls.

Buys and sells duck calls and vintage sporting goods



  We buy and sell every day! To contact us, please email to us by clicking HERE.



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