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on Central Avenue at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, just south of Interstate-40.


MEET Our Staff & Dealers
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  PAT DROBIK, our English-born mall MANAGER, is the first person who will greet you with a warm hello, a gracious smile and a trace of an English accent. She is the heart of the mall, and has been the manager of The Antique Connection Mall for over 25 years, in fact, she has been the only manager of our mall. Pat keeps busy with recording sales, answering questions, managing floor workers and all the other myriad duties come with her job. Even though she is a very busy lady, Pat always has time to answer a question or contact a dealer for our customers.    

  PAT has always enjoyed the antique business, starting as a young girl in Liverpool, England, searching for and discovering various treasures and antiques in her home country. Pat has her own booth which she decorates with a selection of “Shabby Chic” home décor and collectible items. “I particularly like Poppy flowers” was Pat’s comment when she was showing me her various selections that were decorated with the colorful flower, and she has collected them for years.  

  PAT and her husband Ed, another dealer, have made a life together for over 45 years. The two have been residents of Albuquerque for 25 of those years.  Today Pat enjoys her job of dealing with antiques, spending time with her grown son, a policeman, and especially spoiling her three beautiful granddaughters. Everyday at 4 o’clock Pat enjoys a “spot of tea”. Pat makes her tea the traditional English way, of course, in a teapot, steeped, with a little milk and served in a delicate tea cup and matching saucer.

 If you have an interest in one of Pat’s items come on by the mall... she is there Monday through Thursday



JOHN CLARKE, co-owner of the Antique Connection Mall, was in the Army for about 10 years, and then came to Albuquerque to work in real estate. He retired and now sells at our mall, specialing in bakelite radios, furniture, lamps and objects, Native American and mid-century modern jewelry, Victorian desk accessories and whatever else catches his fancy. JOHN'S roll top desk is "Mission Control" at the shop, and from there he manages the dealer leasing and other issues that come with this business. To join us and BE A DEALER, CLICK HERE  or email John at John's poker chips collection features all the wonderful mellow colors of vintage bakelite that make it one of his favorites.


After careers as a builder, commercial realtor and projects analyst for a land developer, Jane began an antiques business professionally in 1995.  She has really been a collector since childhood though, with vintage and costume jewelry as her main interests. For the past 15 years she has bought, sold, researched and written about it. She has lectured at national jewelry conventions, had her jewelry featured in national publications and has a reference feature of her web site called "Jewel Chat",  well known among jewelry enthusiasts.

   JANE H CLARKE  co-owner of the Antique Connection Mall, also she also owns MORNING GLORY ANTIQUES & JEWELRY, which is operated there and on line as well. With boxes of jewelry coming and going every day, she finds it an exciting business with new things to see and learn about all the time. Specializing in Victorian, rhinestone, designer, vintage and bakelite and Shultz bakelite jewelry, and sterling accessories, she delights in finding the rare, colorful and unusual pieces.

JANE and her husband JOHN have owned the Antique Connection Mall since 1995 and have enjoyed every minute of it. They are now retired from careers in real estate and land development John focuses on the his booth and collections now. He specializes in furniture, bakelite radios and objects, desk accessories, small interesting boxes and more.





     It is not unusual to find friends who share their space at “The Antique Connection Mall", working together to promote their antiques and collectibles. Dealer ANN BROWN is such a story. Ann and her good friend and fellow vendor Jacqueline Wright started selling goods at “The Antique Connection Mall” shortly after the doors opened on our new building nearly 25 years ago. The two ladies displayed the Teddy Bears that they created in one of the glass cases at the front of the store. (Cases are a great avenue at the mall for those that want to test the waters in the business and keep their costs to a minimum.)
Ann and Jacqueline illustrate that the “The Antique Connection” is not just about selling antiques and collectibles. It is also about the people creating relationships and friendships that make the antique business fun and exciting. 

 Not only did they share a passion and creativity for Teddy Bears but they traveled the country to show their hand made bears at various shows. During these travels they would go out antiquing for vintage items to accessorize their Teddy Bear creations. Their success led them to expand into a booth space not only displaying their hand work but also antique finds that they discovered on their various trips. Today these long time friends have their own individual booths and are a vital part of “The Antique Connection”.
Ann, with her quick wit and personable smile, proudly shows some of her fine antiques which she artfully displays in her booth spaces. She specializes in antique children items such as toys, clothes, and china. She also searches for vintage ephemera. Ann always carries a varied line of interesting and unusual antiques, dishes, silver plate and collectibles.

Ann and Lee, her husband of over forty five years, have been residents of Albuquerque since 1969. Ann’s creativity making Teddy Bears won her “The Golden Teddy” award. This is a prestigious award handed out by “The Teddy Bear Review” which is a national publication catering to the making of fine teddy bears.

Ann garnered her master’s degree in Spanish Literature and most importantly she raised two lovely daughters. Besides the antique business Ann enjoys her home, her family and most importantly her lively grandson.




At the Antique Connection it is not just the ladies that get to have all of the fun. Albuquerque’s premier antique mall has many guy vendors also, specializing in "man-tiques". One of those gentlemen is JIM YOUNG. 

 Jim specializes in and is renowned for his large collection of hunting and fishing collectibles and antiques. Those items would include antique duck decoys, game callers, fishing reels and lures and I even spotted a set of vintage golf clubs in his interesting, well supplied booth.

Jim not only buys and sells these outdoorsman collectibles and memorabilia but he also is an avid fisherman and hunter himself. Jim is always willing to tell you of his hunting and fishing exploits.

 Jim has been collecting antiques since he was a young man and today has an extensive private collection of these interesting collectibles.


Since retiring from 35 years of service with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Jim spends his time searching for and selling his finds not only at The Antique Connection but also on eBay and going around the country to different shows. He can be seen on eBay as seller "bullsprig".


Jim and his lovely wife Saundra have been residents of Albuquerque since 1981. They have two grown children that have blessed them with four wonderful grandchildren. 



AND MANY MORE of our DEALERS as well, over 40 of us!




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