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You may have some antiques & collectibles about which you would like more information. There are generally three areas of interest... market value, identification and history.


The value of ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES is determined by several factors: condition, rarity, artistic merit, selling venue, geographic area, and current trends. The value is not often measured in a standardized way, but rather by comparison to other sales in the market... in shops and auctions and on web sites. 



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 It is possible to comparison shop at antique malls, shows and on the internet. Using the search engines, eBay sold auctions or links pages to find web sites and browse the on-line auctions can add to your understanding of what is
selling well and at what price.  It is not definitive because there can be a wide variance between asking and selling prices, but can give you general ideas about value. In the world of antiques and collectibles, do remember that condition counts heavily. Damage and broken or missing parts can drastically affect value.



There are many collectible books with price guides, and they are fun to read and learn from.  Many of them are old now and may not reflect today's prices. Be wary of using book values only, though, as books can be misleading. Some book values are set by the owner/collector of the items rather than by an actual sales and therefore can be inaccurate. Also, note the year in which the book was published as desirability can change rapidly with the fluctuations of supply and demand.... and with what's hot and what's not at any given time. 

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After doing the research to price your items you may choose to sell them yourself. If you wish to sell at retail prices you must establish a website, rent a mall space, or sell in an on-line auction. Some people will enjoy the challenge and learning experience of doing this. I do!


If you would like to sell to a dealer, select one who specializes in your item and who has a good reputation for fair dealing. Most dealers do not like to play a guessing game, so have an idea how much you want for your antiques. A dealer must buy at a percentage of the price for which he/she expects to sell the jewelry.  Every dealer's percentage and the items they want to buy will vary depending on what they sell best, what they are known for, and what they have buyers for at any given time. 

If you would like to sell, we are always delighted to see emailed pictures and a price list, and you can email us HERE. PLEASE never send anything before we have talked about it though. We do not want unsolicited items.

We are always interested in great pieces, and are capable of buying anything from an individual piece to an entire estate.



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