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COLLECTIONS   Vintage Children's Things


  ETCHED gold tone hinged bangle with engraving inside "LSM to LMG", child's size at 5-1/2" by 1/2".   View   View   #V27839 

VICTORIAN girl's Persian turquoise ring and gold filled thimble in original fitted box. This would have been a lovely and very special gift for a young girl.   View   View   View   View   View   #V32850

VICTORIAN "AC Co." yellow gold plated hinged child's hollow bracelet, reposse flowers, 6" by 1/4".   View   View   #G60599




   VICTORIAN sisters wearing stick coral necklaces. Wearing coral was thought to promote good health. The older sister also wears pierced earrings.

VICTORIAN young girl wearing a cameo pendant necklace, a bracelet, pierced earrings and a ring along with her fancy velvet hat.

A young girl wearing a sentimental photo locket and a bangle bracelet.   


VICTORIAN child's hair bracelet with heart charm, and rare for this type of bracelet, the hair work is in mint condition.      View   View   #V34265

STERLING Webster sterling ducks baby bib clips, circa 1950, 7" total length and each clip is 1".  It was put around the baby's neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib. Webster 1894-present, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, known in part for their sterling baby items. These can be seen in the Benj. Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition.   View   View   View   View   #N34795  

VICTORIAN sterling child's enamel bangle, 5-1/4" by 5/16" wide.   View   View     #V35138  


VICTORIAN Baby pin in gold tone with blue enamel, 1-3/4".   View   #V29872
 VICTORIAN baby pin with green enamel, marked "silver" on the back, 1-1/8".   View   #V29479 VICTORIAN sterling Baby pin, hallmarked Birmingham 1888, maker &J, 1-1/2" by 1/3".   View   #V31971


VICTORIAN gold tone "baby" pin, marked "T.S.C." on the back, 1".   View   #V32201 

VICTORIAN Baby pin, engraved and enameled, from Roddin's Jewelry Catalogue, 1887.   View   View

 VICTORIAN 9ct gold tiny pin with raised letters "BABY" and beaded edge, 1-1/8".   View   #V28778


VICTORIAN gold filled engraved "baby" pin, 1-1/4".   View   #V23865   VICTORIAN gold filled bangle with "BABY" and scrolls engraved on the front, adjustable up to a maximum of 5-7/8" and 1/3" wide at front  #V31977 VICTORIAN baby pin gold tone with black enamel, 1-1/8".   View   #V32196


VICTORIAN Etruscan revival baby bracelet in gold tone and garnet, circa 1885, 5-1/4". See the 1887 E.V. Roddin Catalogue page with bracelets like this, and also Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 133.    View   View   #V32310

VICTORIAN baby pin marked "silver", etched and pierced, circa 1890, 1-1/2" 12.   View   #V32407

VICTORIAN 10 karat yellow gold baby bracelet, buckle motif and etched design, worn engraving inside "Jennine Pe---", adjustable to 4-3/4" and 5-1/4" by1/3" wide.    View   #V32677



     VICTORIAN Aesthetic style yellow gold filled with rose gold overlay oval brooch with a parrot in a swing design on the front and a little girl in fur cap and collar photograph on the reverse, 1-3/4".   View   View   #V29577

  VICTORIAN swivel brooch with charming little girl wearing a hand-knit sweater and carved jet or coral beads and holding her toy ball on one side, and a hand stitched floral bouquet on the other, 1-5/8". This brooch is Victorian but the photograph is early 1900s.    View   View   #V29249  

VICTORIAN silver hand made pendant with a photo of a little boy on one side, and a lock of his hair tied with a ribbon and his baby ring on the other.   View   View   #V29576


A. C. Becken Catalogue, 1902
SOLID gold cuff and safety pins for baby, ladies and children.
Solid gold front, rolled plate and sterling safety pins. Some of the baby pins say things like "Pet, Darling or Baby".
 14k & AQUA ENAMEL  tiny delicate lingerie pins with tiny forget-me-nots.   View  #Q19842 Benjamin Allen & Co. Catalogue, 1899
SOLID gold. sterling silver and rolled plate baby and cuff pins.
This style of pin is called by varied names: lace pin, baby pins, cuff pins, lingerie pins, and safety pins.


  QUILT hand pieced and quilted doll quilt, 6 stitches to the inch, 14-1/2" by 17".  View   View   #a28441   Child wearing high top shoes shown with her doll in a hand-tinted photograph. The doll has a tiny chair of her own.    QUILT hand pieced and quilted red, white and blue doll quilt, 9 stitches to the inch, 13-1/2" by 18-1/2".  View   View   #a28440


Victorian high button black child's shoes. My great aunt grandfather as children: Cornelia Bennett Negley (on the tricycle) and William Bennett Negley, circa 1900. My grandmother and aunt, sisters Mary and Agnes King with their dolls and carriage, circa 1900.


QUILT hand pieced and quilted doll quilt, 7 stitches to the inch, 20" by 15-1/2". Faded flour sack labels can be seen on the back.  View   View   View   View  #a28437     VICTORIAN hand tinted little girl photo brooch with seed pearls set in sterling, 7/8". #V27599    QUILT postage stamp pattern hand pieced and quilted doll quilt, 6 stitches to the inch,, circa 1890, 11" by 18".  View   View   View   #a28439


VICTORIAN mother and child. The child holds a small purse and the mother has a vulcanite comb in her hair. The mother wear a book chain necklace with cameos and both wear fancy lace collars.

    VICTORIAN gold filled ornate book chain criss-cross necklace with hard stone cameo, 18" with 2-1/3" front drop, circa 1880. See Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, Edition 2" page 55.  View   #V27342

  Victorian photograph of a young girl wearing an ornate book chain criss-cross necklace with a cameo, circa 1890.


VICTORIAN photo pin, little girl leaning on chair back, reverse marked, "WT Ross".   View   #V29513 PHOTO frames, round,  from the John Fryxell Catalogue 1902.    VICTORIAN little girl in fancy coat button photo brooch, rev "Photo Button Co".   View   #V29514


    Vintage Victorian photograph of a child wearing a necklace.  VICTORIAN Manathon Craft gold filled baby or child's bangle engraved "BJL" on the front, 5" around on the inside.  View   #V23374  VICTORIAN young lady wearing her locket on a neck chain or collar.


PEARL cross-over ring, possibly a child's, circa 1910. This ring can be seen in the 1906 Daniel Low & sons Catalogue.   #Gco Daniel Low & Co. Catalogue, 1906
BABY, Misses and boys rings.
BABY ring in 10k gold and tiny rubies, circa 1900.   View   #G22931 


  RING 10k yellow gold and Persian turquoise child's ring.   #G29419  RING 14k gold morning glory embossed size 3-3/4 ring, possibly a child's ring. View #K24930 14 KARAT baby or young child's ring with Persian turquoise and seed pearls, size 2-3/4.   #G23828    



SILVER Southwest tourist child's bracelet and ring, circa 1940.  View   #N28419

      BLUE enameled baby hair locket with painted pink rose, bow suspending pin, 2-1/3". View #Q27371

ENGLISH sterling silver baby bangle, hallmarked Chester 1918, 4-1/2" by 1/4".    View   View   View    #Q31768


CROCHETED ecru doll purse with tatted edge and drawstring, 4" by 4-1/2".    View   View   View   #a50922   WHITING DAVIS  baby mesh purse, child sized at 3-3/4" by 5-1/2".  View   #P25407   CROCHETED Victorian ecru hand crocheted doll or child's purse with pink satin ribbon and a star design in center, 5-1/2".   #P28132



    Charming young lady with very long hair, in a white eyelet dress and black Mary Jane shoes, circa 1900.  .

     BABY dress in white with lacy edges, circa 1910.   View   View   #a28424

 Young ladies dressed all in white and carrying bouquets and small purses.


 MEEKER "Madge Bellamy" purse with fitted mirror, pencil and comb inside, almost child sized at 4-1/2" by 4-1/2" with 10" handle, circa 1920. There was a Madge Bellamy who was a popular 1920s actress, and I assume that is who the purse after whom the style was named.   View   View   View   View   View   #P20496

"Handbags of genuine imported English steerhide with matching suede linings."
Denver Jewelers Buying Guide, 1932  

 ARTS & CRAFTS Justin little girl's size 5-1/2" by 5" leather purse circa 1920. This is unusual for it's miniature size, its floral engraved gold tone frame and its motif of olives and leaves.   View    #P17894


LEATHER boy's gloves circa 1945.   #a28434 BISQUE baby doll with hand crocheted dress, circa 1910.   View   View   View   #a28428 RED GOOSE shoe box circa 1940.   View   #a28436



Benj. Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition
Sterling silver baby bib holders, rattle and spoon set, napkins rings, cup and porringers, 925/1000 fine.

   BUNNIES BIB CLIP in sterling for the well-dressed 1950's era baby. It was put around the baby's neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib.

The "add-a-pearl" necklaces of the 1980s were proceeded by these dainty "Anniversary Necklaces" of the 1950s. Strung in 14k gold chains, they were meant to be treasured for a lifetime. 





STERLING rabbit baby bib clips on original card, circa 1950.  It was put around the baby's neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib. Webster 1894-present, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, known in part for their sterling baby items. These can be seen in the Benj. Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition.   View   #N35350  




School Days


Early school bus photo.

   "Palmer Method" was a style of teaching handwriting.

  The old school house.


  EDWARDIAN hand painted on ivory little boy brooch, 1-3/4". View #V27597  

Early Texas one-room school house that my husband's uncle, Swayze Clarke, attended, circa 1920. 

   A Child's Garden of Verses
By Robert Louis Stevenson, 1917
 Front plate
Lovely illustrations by Florence Edith Storer 


Reward of Merit.

 Three school girls with big hair bows circa 1890. The middle girl wears a locket and the girl on the right wears beads and a buckle on her belt   

Reward of Merit.


"A child should always say what's true, and speak when he is spoken to,
And behave mannerly at table, at least as far as he is able."

   Buster Brown Shoes button.  



   Paper stand-up card showing Dutch school girls.

   Child's slate with colored wooden counting beads.

Ambrite Colored Chalk


   The Seven Little Sisters


 McGUFFEY'S Reader


    "Reward of Merit for Industry, Punctuality and Good Conduct"
Courtesy of Alice Leonard

   Wooden spinning top.

"Reward of Merit for Industry, Punctuality and Good Conduct"
Courtesy of Alice Leonard


   School Class circa 1900.

      The Child's Natural History

   School Class circa 1900.


   School colored pencils.

   Art teachers.

Chicken and rooster toys.


REWARD OF MERIT CARDS were given to school children who excelled at their studies.

  Reward of Merit
Courtesy of Alice Leonard

Reward of Merit


Vintage Toys


   Boy wearing knee britches with his high-wheeled cycle.

 Child dressed for Winter and perched on a white wicker chair of the era..

Boy on an early tricycle.


    Bisque doctor and nurse dolls.

     Children with rocking horse.

Bisque Mama doll.



   Bisque babies.



Set of tiny glass doll dishes.     CHILD'S hand embroidered basket motif case with doll-sized wooden peg clothes pins and clothes line inside, 5-1/2" by 3".   View   #a27844 Child's cup, saucer and creamer.


   VICTORIAN young girl playing her violin.

 VICTORIAN child's platform rocker is in wonderful condition, a grandchild's delight!. The hand worked needlepoint seat has white, yellow and green daisies on a chocolate brown background. Made of beautifully finished hardwood, it is well detailed with a floral and stylized molding.  The the springs have been replaced some time ago (note photo). This circa 1875 American piece is a very rare find. Measuring 24 1/2" in height, it has a width (side to side) of 12" and a depth (front to back) of 17". Shipping in US is included in the price. View   View   View   View   View  

Little boy with toy rifle and fringed gloves.


   "Dolly's Adventures" children's book.

   "Dolly's Adventures" children's book.

JAPANESE wooden two-tone pink and red child's shoes with stylized fish painted at the toe and floral fabric straps, circa 1950. Brought back from the Asia just after WWII.  View   #a28418


   Wooden winder toy.

Victorian fashion paper scrap.

Doggy toy.


   Cardboard stand-up figurines.

Children playing pilgrims and Indians.

Swan toy.



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